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Our big trip to big-D!

I surprised the boys this weekend and took them to Dallas for a whirlwind weekend to see the Dallas Cowboys, in person!  It was a great trip and the Cowboys didn’t let us down and smoked the Lions!  Some highlights:

  • Mack gets why cheerleaders are a good thing
  • We had a 4 hour delay going down, equipment issue.  We did get credits for future flights as a make-good.  I’d prefer those 4 hours back
  • The boys LOVEd the SkyMall catalog.  They ooh’ed and aah’ed on the flight down, looking at all the cool stuff.  They actually took their copy!  In fact, they put theirs back and rummaged through the seat backs for a more pristine copy.
  • The flight back was delayed because the plane was too heavy!  I think we sat there for :30 burning fuel.. it was that or ask some heavy people to get off!
  • The boys baby-sat a bunch of kids at SFO during our delay.. little kids love bigger kids.
2010-11-21 Big-D

pics #2:

Dallas Cowboys weekend

Napa, CA has been visited

We  finally made it to Napa.. saw 6 wineries, had lots of samples (we had a driver, not to worry) and it was great.  We hit Opus One, Silver Oak (our sentimental favorite), and a few others.  The wine was great, we had awesome company, and lots of fun.  Ask Aviva for her version 😉

2009-09-27 Napa

An iMac is born

After much self-reflection, iMac or Mac Pro, I made the decision and went iMac.. here was the unboxing.  I love it already!  Moving iTunes is a major pain and I’ll probably lose all my playlists, but other than that, smooth sailing..