A visit to Garden of the Gods

Good thing these rocks aren’t shy, they get photographed aplenty!

Finally, some real news to post on the blog! The Saitz’s are moving to California

It’s very bittersweet to post this, but it’s also (I hope) kind of smart.  We have some big news and by posting it on the site, we can tell many people and everyone can get a good sense for what’s happening, while sparing us the need to retell the story 100x.  Aviva and I looking forward to discussing and sharing all the details, but this will allow everyone to start off with a good foundation.

We’re moving (again).

We came to Denver 5 years ago for a change in lifestyle, and it’s far surpassed our hopes for what it would be like.  We love our house, friends, neighbors, community, the weather, and so much about living in Denver, it’s hard to recall it all.  But things change, and usually for the better.  After a year of regulatory hoop jumping, my company was bought, after the deal was finally approved and actually closed (circa March 2008)!

Over the past few months, the new owners took a long hard look at the office where I work, in a suburb of Denver.  It’s an office full of great people, I’ve hired and worked with many of them over these years.  It was a long and exhasutive process, but the end decision was to wind down the operations in Colorado, hoping to get our teams closer to our customers and colleagues, who are predominantly on the coasts and Chicago.   We thought about it and have decided to move to the South Bay, where I’ll work out of the HQ, in CA.  

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So many questions.. allow me to use a very work-friendly FAQ:

When?  Ideally over the summer.  We’ll try and sell the house, get out there and into corp housing and look to buy a place to get the kids into school

Where?  Not sure.  Towns like Los Altos, Palo Alto, Sunnyvale, and others are on the list, but we just want good schools, a few Hebrews, and a reasonable commute for yours truly.

Why?  We love Denver, but Ben loves his job and it’s a great chance to continue doing so.  The Denver job market isn’t a dead end, but after 7.5 years with DCLK, it’s great to be able to continue working there.

Are there any benefits?  Oh yea.  Great career, great place to live, Trader Joe’s, IKEA, beaches, awesome weather, In-and-Out burger, and now football is on even earlier!

Are there are hard parts?  Yup, those too.  We have family in Denver, Jenne/Jorge/Nathaniel/Anderson, lots of friends and a community we enjoy more than we ever hoped – that part is real sad.

Who knows about this?  As of now, anyone with access to a web browser, hopefully you’re using Chrome 

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More pics, same drill

Bunch of pics on Kodak’s site, here’s my sampler..

The rest of Hawaii

I covered snorkeling, and the road to hana, and the chopper ride, but how did we spend the rest of our trip?

Doing less.

We still did plenty, we went to Oahu and ended up having a great time with friends, who were also in Hawaii (the Fey’s), and we hit Pearl Harbor, but tried to let us all wind down with some more  time in the pool and at the beach.. These pictures reflect that.

Mack went to surfing school!  He did real well, totally fearless, paddled out with his instructor and had a bunch of good attempts to get up.. I think he swallowed a gallon of sea water, which is not fun, but kept trying and eventually made it!!

We went early, try and catch some good breaks off the reef..

The video is short, but that’s Mack on the surf board..

Before we left Maui, we went to “town” and saw this massive Banyan Tree – seriously large dude.

Big tree.. makes boys look very small
Big tree.. makes boys look very small

We then flew back to Oahu (Honolulu) with our boogie board in tow.  Common practice in Hawaii is to get a boogie board, use it and enjoy it, and then give it to strangers as you depart… we enjoyed the custom.

current whereabouts unknown
current whereabouts unknown

In Honolulu, we decided to visit Pearl Harbor.. a) because it wasn’t a full day, like 2 hours, and  b) it was free 🙂  It was actually great to go, you see a film and it really hits home how crazy it must have been during this time and to have our backyard bombed like this.. as well as better understand the dynamics for why and how the Japanese did it.  What I didn’t know, until now, was that the monument is sitting right above the USS Arizona, which remains at the bottom of the harbor, in plain sight!  Some pics to show..

Stunning sight..
Stunning sight..
still underwater after all these years..
still underwater after all these years..

The Feys

Our hotel in Honolulu had a nice room, but a crappy pool that didn’t allow any toys in the pool – no floats or anything.. we knew we were in trouble.  Thankfully our friends were up the coast at a really nie JW Marriott, with a great pool and private lagoon for fun in the ocean!  Alan took me snorkleing, the kinds played, we enjoyed an amazing sunset, and checked out the hotels cool pond with massive sting-rays and hammerhead sharks.. check these puppies out!